20 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Pregnant Moms

written by: Lo Mansfield, MSN, RN

Is someone you love currently expecting a baby? Mother’s Day can be such a fun time to gift a mama-to-be with a few things that are all about that bump and the work she’s doing, that baby she is growing, and her next chapter as mama. I’ve actually been pregnant twice over Mother’s Day (and have delivered a few patient’s babies on Mother’s Day too!), so I have some pretty good ideas of fun ways to spoil the expecting mama who is in your life.

I’ve broken the 20 suggestions down into 2 categories: For Bump and For Mama (and a bonus). Feel free to go right to the list that really speaks to you or scroll through all of them. Yes, I have a million ideas for Baby too, but here I’ve really tried to focus in on things that are all about mama. That little baby gets a lot of love (and goodies) once they are here, so l love using this chance to focus on the mom.

Also, are you here because you’re expecting and just wanting to buy a few things for yourself? No shame in that! I’ve definitely bought plenty of these things for myself too!

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21 Fun Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Pregnant Moms

For Bump

Ok, these are categorized as for the bump, right? For most of them, I’m really thinking all about “how can we make mama (and that bump) more comfortable throughout the day?” Of course, we don’t want to forget that a lot of mamas like tracking the bump milestones, so there’s some ideas for that too.

Bump Boxes: Have you heard of these yet? They are so great. They are these beautiful, curated boxes that you can gift someone, specific to the trimester of pregnancy they’re in. I love that idea, since what is “nice” or needed can change as we move through our pregnancies. First Trimester Box | Second Trimester Box | Third Trimester Box

Belly Bottle: Hydration, hydration, hydration is so important for mama, both when pregnant and when postpartum. This Belly Bottle has been rated a Top 5 Pregnancy item and it has these adorable weekly stickers (waterproof, of course) that mama gets to add each week as her pregnancy progresses. So cute!

Pregnancy Pillow: It’s no secret that sleep during pregnancy can be SO hard. I have loved my Leachco Snoogle with all three of my kids. It’s really nice that you can take the cover off and throw it in the wash too. It’s like sleeping with a much-needed hug!

Pregnancy Yoga Ball: If mama doesn’t have one of these yet, it is a great purchase for her! I have found that mamas have a hard time spending money on one of these, but they are so great for comfort in pregnancy, for prepping the body for labor, and for postpartum baby bouncing and soothing.

Pregnancy Pillow Wedge: This is a great option instead of a pregnancy pillow, but I actually think it’s nice to have both! It sounds silly, but this is so nice to have for laying on the couch and watching TV too 🙂 Pregnancy pillows don’t really work on the couch! This option from Boppy is really affordable, they have cute neutral prints, and the covers are washable (always a plus).

Deep Tissue Massage Gun: I know so many doulas who carry around massage guns like this one for their clients! They can be invaluable for pregnancy massage on that sore body and they are super beneficial for labor too. Amazon has a ton of options (linked here) and they can get pretty pricey, but I think you can pay a bit less and still get that benefit.

Belly Stickers: Stickers like these are another quick and easy way to document the growing belly. I like this brand (Months in Motion) because they have these simple neutrals, a colored option, and TONS of other prints. You can also get stickers for baby for after birth.

Pregnancy Chalkboard: If mama loves taking the photos and documenting this story, pregnancy chalkboards like this one are a really simple way to quickly snap a memory of each week going by.

Weekly Milestone Cards: I always have loved these wooden engraved cards that you can snap a belly photo with each week. It’s such a quick, sweet way to mark the (long and slow) passage of time and the growing bump.

Pregnancy Journal: I LOVE that there are so many options for belly books now. If mama is someone who does love to document, take photos, and really capture this story, this pregnancy journal is really beautiful. I also really love this option, which is a bit more of a journal and planner combination – it’s such a beautiful product! These books are also a great place to add all of the bump/milestone photos she may be taking.

For Mama

Okay, onto straight-up spoiling that mama! Let’s get into the stuff that is (I think) a little more fun (and yes, practical is good, too). I have loved or currently love everything you see here, and I really think the mama-to-be that you love will too.

Mama Necklace: This MAMA necklace by Fox and Glow is well-loved by thousands for a reason. I LOVE mine and wear it all of the time. It’s dainty and light, a great length, and of course, holds my very favorite title. You can also use the code: THELABORMAMA for 20% off anything on the site, so look around if there is something else she would love.

Sunflower Motherhood Pajamas: I have gotten to try a lot of pajamas and I have to say that I absolutely love these ones and your mama-to-be will too. They have great stretch (so she can wear them throughout her pregnancy) and they are perfect for postpartum too. I also like that they have the pants option and the shorts option.

I also love their “Mama” sweatshirt and their Pregnancy Box (this would be an AMAZING gift for her too). You can use the code: LABORMAMA for 15% off site-wide too!

Initial Necklace: Does that little baby already have a name? I LOVE this initial necklace – and it is a beautiful gift for mama as she is growing that little one and after they are here, too. Are their siblings? You can add their initials as well.

Stackable Bracelets: I’ve been wearing Shiloh & Co stackable bracelets on my wrist for years (I have the Just Mine XL stack). I have added one for each kid and have a MAMA one too. Totally customizable – I really cannot love this gift for mama more. If baby doesn’t have a name yet? Snag the Mama + Mini combo. You can also use the code: LABORMAMA for 20% off of anything!

Bodily: I could go on an on about what mama needs from Bodily. I LOVE their collection of nursing bras – The Everything Bra is SO comfortable and she can wear it both now and heck yes, in those weeks after birth. Not sure what size she is? Get her a gift card – truly. I also HIGHLY recommend the Care for Birth box. Any mama would be so lucky to receive this. I really cannot love this company and how they design their products more! You can use the code: LABORMAMA10 for 10% off $90+.

Cozy Earth: Giving mama the gift of better sleep right now is a no-brainer. Insert, Cozy Earth. Their pajama sets are AH-mazingly soft, will stretch through pregnancy, and are perfect for postpartum. If you really want to splurge on mama, get her a set of bamboo sheets too. Cozy Earth has been on Oprah’s Favorite’s List forever, and it really is because their products are so soft and feel so, so good. Best part? You can use code: THELABORMAMA40 and save 40% off site-wide!

Kindred Bravely: I HAVE to put Kindred Bravely in front of you too. It’s actually so hard for me to recommend a single product, because they have SO much that is so great for pregnancy and postpartum. But for pregnancy, their bamboo loungewear is some of my favorites, the Clea PJs are great, and their undies specific to having a bump are so good. You can also use the code: THELABORMAMA15 for 15% off of anything.

Maternity Joggers/Leggings: This topic is broad, right? But every mama needs a pair or 2, so I want to share a couple of my favs with you. I definitely prefer the comfy, cozy kind that go over the belly, so that’s what I’m recommending for you here.

Cozy Socks: These are such a fun, simple gift for a mama-to-be. I love the silly sayings that you can find now. They’re also great for in the hospital/postpartum too! Kindred Bravely sells great compression socks too, if that’s really what mama is needing. I also wore these from Sockwell during my pregnant, 12-hour nursing shifts!

Experiences + Treats: There are a few different experiences that you can bless that mama-to-be right now with, too! Some fun things to consider include booking a house cleaning for her, a prenatal massage, watching her other children/giving her some time to herself or for a date night with a spouse, a manicure/pedicure, setting up a baby shower/sprinkle or a mama-to-be brunch, or gifting her money towards a professional pregnancy photoshoot. The ideas here really are endless – but I can tell you that gifts like this are also such a blessing too!

Bonus Idea: The Gift of Birth Education

Has the mama-to-be that you love taken any birth education yet? Is she planning on it? Did you know you can help her do that? Research shows that taking comprehensive birth education leads to an insane amount of benefits, including better birth outcomes, greater satisfaction, and healthier postpartums. There really is not a better gift you can give, because birth stories really can change lives.

Join hundreds of others and give mama the gift of The Labor Mama Birth Education!

Your Body, Your Birth is specifically designed to be for every mama, for any type of birth story. It includes scenarios and education related to all that I’ve seen as a labor RN and all that I’ve experienced as the laboring mama. It is the empowering fusion of real-life experience, evidence, and empathy that every mama needs and deserves. *After checkout, email with your name + order number from your receipt and you’ll get a gift certificate with more access instructions for mama.

I am so excited for this next chapter for you and whoever it is that you are searching for! I hope that you have found some great ideas here. Ultimately, I really want you to also hear that whoever that mama is, she is privileged to be loved so well by you! The simple fact that you are here shows that you care deeply for her – and that you are exactly the type of person that she needs in her life right now and in the years to come.

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