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Mamahood is the very best club — I’m so glad to share it with you. Other tidbits I love to share: helpful advice on how to prepare for motherhood, things to consider before delivery, and the ultimate hospital bag checklist. Browse my pregnancy blog posts to get all of these tidbits - and more! can snag that (free) hopsital bag checklist right here.

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Your new nurse BFF

Everyone needs a best friend who's a nurse. You know what I mean? That person who doesn't care if you ask them the weird questions. The one who expects you to send them pictures of diapers + cracked nipples. That friend who knows you are the best mama for that child - and they will do anything they can to remind you of that. 


Can I give you something?


Are you holding a pink line in your hand? That moment - it's amazing. And it can also be overwhelming. Deep breath friend - this 1st trimester pack can help. Let me share with you the 'what to expect' as you move through this pregnancy, from both an OB nurse and a mama who has been there.

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