This type of birth is not something to fear. It's not only for those with a "high pain-tolerance." It's not for hippies, or crazy people, or competitive people who think they have something to prove.
It's for you.
This guide will teach you what you need to know - and it'll turn any fear you have into understanding + confidence. This guide will teach you that this isn't something you have to go along with - but instead it is something you can enjoy.

the key to unmedicated birth is education.

this is how you birth without fear.

what's in the guide:

+ all things contractions

+ comprehensive planning

+ optimal fetal positioning

+ the maternal pelvis

and so much more...

+ fear-tension-pain cycle

+ building the right team

+ decision-making tools

+ the labor process: phYSiCally + emotionally

+ Pain tools + breathing exercises

+ birth plan + packing list

+ affirmation printables

+ contraction rituals

+ labor + pushing positions and tips

+ labor support education + suggestions

Digital Download

The Love Your Labor Guide

A beautiful 60+ page PDF that intimately walks you through the highs and lows of labor, what your body is doing, and how to respond (unmedicated) to all of it.

Do you want unmedicated birth?

peek inside


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