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Thinking about becoming a mom can be overwhelming, and it’s totally normal to have tons and tons (and tons!) of questions. Wondering if an online birthing class is right for you? Curious if a VBAC birth plan is possible? Head on over to the FAQs page to get some well-deserved answers. 

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I've seen hundreds of mamas overpack - while also forgetting what they actually need. This doesn't have to be you.

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Guess what - you'll probably be starving when you breastfeed! These cookies can be that much needed MOTN snack you need!

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Hi, I'm Lo.

I’m the gal who loves talking about weird labor signs, postpartum recovery, and listens to your birth wishes with an open and supportive heart. Not only am I the mama of three, I’ve spent my RN career in labor, delivery, and postpartum nursing. And now I am lucky enough to share my passion through online childbirth education and pregnancy classes centered around evidence-based information and personal empowerment. 

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What Actually Makes Labor Start?

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11 Things to Know Before Your Birth

Real-life mamahood, compassionate nursing, nitty gritty details, hard-fought for recommendations. I've been in the trenches friend - with you as my patient and as the mama - stained nursing bras and postpartum hair loss to prove it.

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