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Ready to get after a VBAC? Good for you!
It's an amazing goal, it's worth considering, and far more of us are eligible and able than we realize. I know, you've obviously got a ton of questions. And you should. But guess what? I've got your answers! 

Dive into all of it here: risks and benefits, making the choice, building a supportive team, walking into the process with confidence (including if induction is needed). Let's dive deep together - so your choices are informed and your voice is heard. 

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Deep Dive: VBAC

loving your induction is real

Hands up if you've heard all the induction horror stories - and yet, that's your plan? How do you reconcile those stories with what's in front of you? How do you walk into that hopsital and know you can do this AND that it can be beautiful?

It's all right here --> This mini course will give you all of it - the medications, the procedures, the confidence, the questions to ask. The tools you need to participate in this story (joy included).


Deep Dive: Induction

I know you've heard it: 
 "It's natural."
"It's instinctive."

Breastfeeding IS amazing - and I'm thrilled you want to do it! But I want you to have the full conversation about it. I want you to have education that combines instinct and reality, learning and nature's design. I want you to be able to handle every high + low, so you feel confident, strong, and sure as you two do this together. All of that is here, for you. 


Where Joy, Reality + Grace meet

The Breastfeeding Blueprint

available SPRING 2024

confident life at home with baby

Your story doesn't stop when that baby is in your arms - really, it's only getting started. You're going to have 10,000 questions about your postpartum body and that baby in your house - because I sure did and I'm an RN who already "knew it all." 

This doesn't have to be confusing. You can know what you're doing. You can have everything I know, as RN and mama - and take that into your own home, This is how.

own the 4th trimester

Beyond the Birth

Beautiful, empowered birth can happen anytime and for anyone. Your body (and your baby's) were designed to do this together, and I know that you can. I've seen all stories and I've lived 4 of my own - and I am entirely comfortable telling you that the non-stop negative narratives are not the only ones. There are good, positive, birth stories (hospital included) - and this course  is going to teach you that exact truth.

I've been in thousands of births, and anything you need to know is right here!

love your birth


Your Body, Your Birth

It's okay to be nervous. It's okay to not be entirely sure how this is all going to work out. But don't stop there. Lean into all of that. Let's get at the heart of your fears or your nerves and turn all of that hesitancy into strength. Learn what is true about birth, what postpartum actually looks like, what it means to bring a baby home and know what to do with them  - and then take those truths into your story and feel incredibly confident (no matter what comes).

THE TRUTH: Hopsital childbirth classes just aren't enough. Your OB doesn't have time to walk you through your 4th trimester. That lactation consultant has 12 other mamas to see before they discharge. Your pediatrician isn't around to answer all of your questions. You deserve to know more than what they'll teach you. It's your right to actively participate in every single part of this story with CONFIDENCE + JOY.
So let's get you that.

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Evidence-based pregnancy, 4th trimester, and new baby classes focused on education, empowerment, and most of all, you. 

Choose your course and let's get started!


the labor mama

cesarean birth plan

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3rd trimester pack

plan, prep + pack

prenatal appt guide

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"If I had to describe the feeling Lo gives me in one word it would be empowered... Lo exudes peace and confidence as she shares information. She truly makes me look forward to giving birth again.

- michelle, mama of 1

meet your teacher

empathy of a mama,
education of a nurse

It took me one birth in nursing school to fall in love with all things pregnancy, birth, + postpartum. And once I became a labor, delivery, and postpartum/newborn nurse and mama of four of my own littles? I was so sold on this entire story - from the dreaming to the growing to the birthing to the raising of these little lives - and I couldn't believe more that the more you know, the more you're going to enjoy the highs and the lows of this incredible story you're writing.

Learn more about Lo

hi! I'm Lo.

lo mansfield, RN, MSN, CLC

let's give back

10% of every course purchase will be donated to lift another woman up

I'm not sure there is anything more lovely to me than women cheering for other women. We all deserve the chance to have safe, healthy births. We all deserve the chance to flourish in mamahood. Join me as we give other women more opportunity to chase their good + beautiful stories. 

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You can hope you know what you need to know. Or you can know you know. More education = less fear.

The more you participate in it? 
The more you're going to love it - even when things surprise you.

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