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Still not sure if it's worth it? Wondering if a course is for you? How the heck does this whole online course thing even work? Read on. And if you've got a Q you can't find an answer to, please reach out - I'd love to help.

frequently asked questions

You don't have to do it alone.

Q: Can I use an HSA or FSA to pay for the courses?

Q: Can I gift the courses to someone else?

100% yes. Go check out the Deep Dive: VBAC course. It's a "mini" course that goes all in on just VBAC. You get the eligibility convos, prepping, decision-making tools, questions to ask, what the process may be like, induction chats, medications that can be used, etc. If you want a full birth course too, add Your Body, Your Birth to your cart! That combo will give you the ins and outs of all the things (preg, birth, and PP).

You should be able to for the birth courses. I'd check with your insurance first too. You'll need to purchase the course first and then submit the receipt you receive for reimbursement with your FSA/HSA account. More details here.

You can! Purchase a course/resources as normal, then email me at hello@thelabormama.com and I'll get you a gift certificate and code for the recipient! 

Q: Is it really worth the money?

I do! They show up seasonally - absolutely. The best way to stay aware of those is to follow my Instagram and join my email list. Those communities will always get a heads-up about sales. If cost is truly an issue for you - and you want this - please contact me. I mean it when I say my vision is that this type of education is available for all who need it. I'd love to see what you and I can figure out together.

Q: Do you ever offer discounts or sales?

Not really. While there are some things that are relatively specific to what may happen in a US hospital, the majority of the courses are simply about being pregnant, birthing, and taking care of that baby. I know that we are all incredibly different people, but there is also something pretty special about just how much we share in pregnancy, labor, and birth. I think you'll see that here as I teach about your body, your labor, your postpartum, and your baby.

Q: I'm not from the US. Will that matter?

100% yes. The more they know, the less they fear too (and that means, the better they support you). If they have limited time, shoot me an email and I can let you know what modules I definitely think they should watch and learn from.

Q: Should my support person watch too?

It really isn't. You can learn a TON from these courses with just a few hours to spare. If you're really short on time, you can utilize the course outlines to zero in on what you want or need to learn, right now. The Birth Preferences/Birth Priorities tool will also be a wonderful resource as you creep so close to baby's birthday. 

Q: I'm near my due date. Is it too late? 

Lifetime access for you! This will include the things that get added into courses (new modules, worksheets, etc). Once you're in, any new content is yours too. 

I think it is. I really do. Research is clear that good education can vastly affect our outcomes - including increasing the rates of vaginal birth, decreasing the use of interventions, and increasing maternal satisfaction and postpartum wellness. Your education also equals a better patient/provider relationship and a better start to breastfeeding. You are going to know how to ask questions, say "yes" or "no," dig for alternatives, and make empowered choices - regardless of what comes. The TLM courses will equip you with so much knowledge - and that is a MASSIVE step towards immense satisfaction and joy in your experiences. 

Q: How long are the courses? How long will it take?

Q: How long can I access the courses?

I've trained and practiced in the US - so I'm licensed via the NCLEX examination. I also have two specialty certifications: one in obstetrics (RNC-OB) and one in electronic fetal monitoring (C-EFM) from the National Certification Corporation. 'I'm also a certified lactation counselor (CLC)!  My entire career has been in labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum - so I've done all the mama/baby couplet care from those early antepartum weeks until your discharge to home (including surgeries). Professionally, I've worked with all providers - physicians (OBs, FPs, MFMs, pediatricians), PAs, CNMs, NPs, midwives, and doulas. As a mama? I learned and utilized Bradley Method principles for my births. 

Q: I want to VBAC - can you help?

Now! Really, I've got stuff in here from basically the day you pee on the stick through those early postpartum months. I really think you can take these courses at any time. If you are in here early, come back and refresh on what you need to as birth gets closer. If you've only got a couple days or weeks left? That's okay too - zero in on the lessons about birth and postpartum. I specifically wanted you to have lifetime access so you can utilize it at any point, both now and for any future children you may have too.

Q: What is your educational background?

Q: When should I take the courses?

I designed my courses with an "every mama" mentality. I know you've probably got goals for your experience - and I wanted you to have the information for all of it. Want unmedicated birth? It's in here. Need to know more about cesarean? I walk you through the whole process. Wondering what happens at the hospital? I've got you - from pink line until those months at home. First baby, 2nd baby, 6th baby - I think every single one of you will learn something. 

Q: Are these courses for me?

I've specifically designed the courses to be made up of many smaller lessons. These shorter videos mean that even if you can't sit down one night and watch everything, you can choose single videos to watch when you do have a minute. I know all of the lessons can feel like a lot - but if it's in here, it's because my patients needed to know it (or I did) to make good, educated choices about all that happens! Each course has a full course curriculum linked here on the site - so check those out for really specific details about hours of content or lessons. 


Q: I don't know much about any of this. Will it be too advanced?

Not at all! These courses are written with YOU in mind. Yes, it's helpful to the 3rd time mama too - absolutely! But I did my best to walk through all the things as if it was the first time, addressing even small details about prenatal appointments and tests, checking into the hospital or baby's first poops at home. These are for you - I promise!

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I've been you. Unsure. Excited. Wondering if I should spend the money.

My husband and I were the same - do we really need to pay money to learn about birth or brining home baby (hello...I was helping people do it everyday)? But we said yes. We decided that being the one in the bed, being the mama and the body and the baby - that was different. And we (I) needed to learn about and invest in myself in that way.

It was absolutely the right choice.

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Refund Policy

If you purchase the course and find that you are not satisfied with the course offering we offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase. To begin the process, please email me thelabormama@gmail.com (within 14 days of your purchase) with a detailed explanation as to why you desire your money back. 


The education never stops over here. Stay in stories - that's where the really good stuff is.