Hey friend!

I’m Lo,
RN, CLC, educator + proud birth junky.

Enneagram 1, type A as they come... I live for the spark in your eyes when you realize that you actually can do the things everyone told you that you could.


I was an RN working 12 hours shifts at the bedside....and I loved it. 
And then life went topsy-turvy.

I've spent my entire nursing career in labor, delivery, and postpartum nursing. I was hooked at that first birth - you and your body and your baby are miracles - and I'll never stop marveling at all of it. Unfortunately, life threw some bumps at me when I started having children. My daughter was born, my mama died, my husband was traveling, my heart was broken - something had to give. So I left my patients... and starting dreaming about the day I could touch your lives again.  

Enter - The Labor Mama.
A precious way to still be a part of your lives, your births, your babies.

There is something about being at the bedside that no other job can replace. Watching you + your support team work together, teaching you about epidurals, pushing with you for 3 hours, watching your eyes light up at first latch? Being an educator can't take the place of that specific bedside magic.

But the question became, "how do I do what I love while I'm home with my kids and healing my own heart?" And that, for me, was teaching. Maybe I don't get to see your baby's head rotate as they crown anymore. But I can teach you about your body. I can teach you how to handle pain. I can tell you what it's like to be induced. I can walk you through a cesarean. And I can reassure you that beautiful birth can happen anywhere - and then empower you to go chase yours. 

Sometimes we need to be reminded, over and over again, that we can do this. I want to remind you of that.

Top: my optimistic Irish other half Left: baby boy #1 Right: the baby girl who made me a mama

Left: 13 months in with baby boy, Top Right: my optimistic Irish other half, Bottom right: the baby girl who made me a mama 


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Lo is a master's prepared registered nurse and certified lactation consultant with specialty certifications in obstetrics and electronic fetal monitoring. She has spent her  nursing career in labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum/newborn care. She is also a writer of poetry, prose + musings on all things mamahood. 




If I could eat one food the rest of my life, it'd be mashed potatoes - with Lawry's seasoning salt. 


I'm the middle child of 3 girls
- and I think it's pretty darn easy to tell. #middlechildsyndrome


Favorite part of birth? That moment you realize they're actually here + you did it.


Born + raised in the PNW, 10 years in Denver, 18 months in Amsterdam, then back to Denver!

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Best part of pregnancy

That baby moving!

celeb i'd love to meet

Virginia Apgar (straight lady doctor boss)

hardest part of birth

Transition - get me OUT of there

Favorite part of postpartum

Watching other people love my new baby

favorite place i've been

Zambia - unforgettable in every way

Can't live without

Peanut butter

What i'm scared of

Raising my kids without my mama

usually craving

A quiet night by myself

beach vs mountains

I'll take lake-life actually

Least like about NEwborns

Not sleeping - I'm so bad at that

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