Top 30 Gender-Neutral Baby Names

written by: Lo Mansfield, RN, MSN, CLC

Do you think choosing a name for baby is tough? I know that some have had their baby names picked out forever (even before pregnancy), but that was never me! And when it comes down to it, Kelvin (my husband) and I both love it and hate it. It feels like such a privilege, but also? It feels like such a giant responsibility! As parents, you want to choose a name that embodies the child’s individuality, that speaks to the person you hope they become, and ideally, that you love! But Kelvin and I feel like our kid have also really become their names; after they’ve shown up, we can’t imagine them any other way or with any other name!

Gender-neutral baby names have gained immense popularity in recent years, and they can offer families the opportunity to break away from traditional naming norms. While they weren’t the only type of names Kelvin and I considered, they definitely have always been names I’ve loved and have checked out too! In this article, I’ve collected 30 top gender-neutral baby names for your little one with diverse origins and meanings. If you’re lucky? While you’re reading, maybe you’ll even see the one that screams “pick me!”

Want to know a secret? We ending up using one of the names on the list! Comment below with your guess of which name we used!

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Who is The Labor Mama and Why Am I Here? 

Hey friend! I’m Lo – also known around here and social media as The Labor Mama. I’ve spent my nursing career in labor, delivery, and postpartum, have birthed 3 of my own babies, have labored thousands of mamas at the bedside, have taught hundreds of students online, and have even delivered a few speedy little babies with my bare hands (oops).

Here at TLM, I offer online birth classes to empower you the way everyone should be. The education + support I offer gives you experience, evidence, and empathy; you’re getting all of my years of “clinical” RN knowledge, beautifully combined with my real experiences as a mama and a nurse. These are not your hospital birth classes (those won’t do it, I promise), and honestly, birth doesn’t follow a textbook or protocol anyway – you need to know so much more than that.
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Is it hard to choose a baby name with your partner?

The process of choosing a name with your partner can definitely pose challenges. You have likely heard the classic “I can’t name them that, that’s the name of my ex-girlfriend/biggest enemy” stories, right? As silly as they are, they’re also kind of true! Names carry so much weight – and my husband and I definitely realized that as we started discussing baby names during my pregnancies.

You already know this, but in a relationship, each person is going to have their own preferences, cultural influences, or family traditions that shape their choices. So it really is crucial to approach the discussion with patience, respect, and open communication. Finding common ground (or common names?) often will require compromise and flexibility.

Pro tips: Sometimes, Kelvin and I were able to figure it all out because we brought in the middle names and compromised around that first. For whatever reason, knowing and agreeing on the middle name sometimes made choosing that first name feel a lot easier! With our first, we also knew the shortened version/nickname we wanted to call her, and then made a list of all the names that could have that nickname – and that’s how we chose! Depending on the names you’re thinking about, that’s another fun way to go about it.

Of course, ultimately the goal is to select a name that both you and your partner feel connected to and that reflects the uniqueness of your baby – and I think with grace and patience, you can land there!

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Should you share baby’s name before birth?

One decision that often comes up is whether or not to share the baby’s name with friends and family before their arrival. This is definitely a personal choice that depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. Some parents enjoy involving loved ones in the naming process, seeking their input and sharing the excitement. Sharing the name can also help others connect with and bond with the baby before they even arrive. On the other hand, some parents prefer to keep the name a secret until after birth, savoring the surprise and allowing themselves a little bit of a more intimate connection with their baby before sharing the joyous news. My husband and I have always waited to find out our kids’ sex until they were here – so we didn’t share names because we didn’t even know which name could potentially be used!

In your own home, consider what feels right for you and your partner and choose the approach that enhances the experience and anticipation for the two of you (and any of baby’s siblings, too). Our families and friends absolutely matter (and I hope they’re so excited about your babe), but this is first about your little family unit and what best serves you all.

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Gender-neutral baby names

Ok, ok, let’s get to the good stuff that you’re probably really here for. Here is my list of 30 top gender-neutral baby names for your little one, along with their meanings:

  1. Avery: Meaning “ruler of elves,” Avery has a timeless charm and can be associated with either sex. It represents a person who possesses grace, wisdom, and a connection to the mystical world.
  2. Blake: Derived from Old English, Blake means “fair-haired one.” This name carries a sense of strength and resilience, symbolizing an individual with inner beauty and determination.
  3. Charlie: A classic name that is universally loved, Charlie means “free man.” It has a friendly and approachable vibe, signifying a person who values independence and cherishes their freedom.
  4. Eden: Evoking images of a paradise, Eden symbolizes new beginnings and a place of delight. Choosing this name for your baby signifies the hope for a life filled with happiness and fulfillment.
  5. Emerson: With origins in Old English, Emerson means “brave.” This name represents a person who possesses courage, strength, and fearlessness in the face of challenges.
  6. Finley: Derived from Gaelic origins, Finley translates to “fair warrior.” It exudes strength, resilience, and determination, making it an excellent choice for a child who embodies these qualities.
  7. Gray: A sleek and sophisticated choice, Gray is a color-inspired name that exudes elegance and refinement. It represents a person with a balanced and poised nature.
  8. Harper: Originally a surname, Harper has gained popularity as a first name. It carries a musical and artistic allure, signifying a person with a creative spirit and a passion for self-expression.
  9. Hayden: Derived from an English surname, Hayden means “fire.” It represents a person with a fiery and passionate nature, someone who brings warmth and energy to those around them.
  10. Indigo: This vibrant and mystical name is associated with the deep blue hue. Indigo represents a person with a strong sense of intuition and inclination towards exploration and understanding.
  11. James: A timeless and widely recognized name, James means “supplanter.” It carries a sense of strength and leadership, representing a person who is confident and determined.
  12. Jordan: With Hebrew origins, Jordan means “to flow down.” This name is associated with the river Jordan, symbolizing a person who is adaptable, harmonious, and in touch with their emotions.
  13. Kai: Originating from Hawaiian and Japanese cultures, Kai means “sea.” It represents a person who is adventurous, free-spirited, and has a deep connection to nature.
  14. Lennox: Derived from Scottish origins, Lennox refers to an “elm grove.” This name carries an air of sophistication and elegance, symbolizing a person with refined tastes and a love for nature.
  15. Logan: With Gaelic roots, Logan means “small hollow.” It represents a person who is introspective, gentle, and possesses a deep sense of inner strength.
  16. Morgan: Originating from Welsh, Morgan means “sea circle.” This name symbolizes a person who is mysterious, intuitive, and possesses a strong connection to their emotions.
  17. Oakley: Derived from the English language, Oakley signifies an “oak clearing.” It represents strength, endurance, and the ability to weather any storm.
  18. Phoenix: This powerful and mythical name is derived from Greek mythology, representing the mythical bird of fire. Phoenix symbolizes rebirth, resilience, and the ability to rise from the ashes.
  19. Quinn: With Gaelic origins, Quinn means “wise.” It carries a sense of intelligence, creativity, and resourcefulness, representing a person who possesses a sharp mind and a compassionate heart.
  20. Reese: Originally a Welsh surname, Reese signifies “enthusiasm.” This name represents a person who is passionate, lively, and has a zest for life.
  21. Riley: Derived from Irish roots, Riley means “courageous.” It symbolizes a person who is brave, bold, and willing to face challenges head-on.
  22. Rowan: With Gaelic origins, Rowan means “little redhead.” It represents a person who is spirited, resilient, and possesses a strong sense of individuality.
  23. Sage: This nature-inspired name refers to a wise and knowledgeable person. Sage represents wisdom, serenity, and a deep connection to the world around them.
  24. Sawyer: Originally a surname, Sawyer denotes a “woodcutter.” This name represents a person who is hardworking, resourceful, and possesses a strong connection to nature.
  25. Skyler: Derived from the English language, Skyler means “scholar.” It represents a person who is intelligent, curious, and has a thirst for knowledge.
  26. Taylor: With English origins, Taylor signifies a “tailor.” It symbolizes a person who is skilled, precise, and possesses a keen sense of style.
  27. Wren: This bird-inspired name represents a lively and energetic spirit. Wren symbolizes a person who is social, communicative, and has a melodious nature.
  28. Zion: Derived from Hebrew, Zion refers to the “promised land.” It represents a person who is strong-willed, determined, and possesses a deep sense of purpose.
  29. Milo: With Germanic origins, Milo means “merciful” or “gracious.” It carries a sense of kindness, compassion, and warmth, representing a person with a generous and loving nature.
  30. Hunter: Originally an occupational surname, Hunter symbolizes a person who is skilled in hunting. It represents a strong and determined individual who possesses focus, resilience, and a competitive spirit.

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The takeaway on choosing a name for your baby

Choosing any name for your baby is an exercise in creativity, tradition, exploration, and commitment (and hopefully, not too much frustration 😫). The list of 30 top gender-neutral baby names I share here is meant to give you a range of options with a variety of unique meanings. If you want to do some more digging about names or their meanings, you can definitely check out Nameberry and And like I would teach you in birth, tootrust your instincts and care a little less about what everyone else thinks or is telling you to do. Choose a name that resonates with you and your partner, and don’t worry about all the lists or what everyone else is (or isn’t) doing.

What names are you considering right now?! Drop them in the comments if you are someone who DOES want some input! xx- Lo

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