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An Evidence-Based
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At The Labor Mama, I believe that every person deserves access to full pregnancy, birth & postpartum education - education that should come without "bests" and "shoulds."

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"Good" birth - however it happens - starts with you feeling informed, empowered + ready to actively participate in your birth. Not a single choice should be made without your voice - ever.

In Your Body, Your Birth, I'll give you the information you need to make choices that you feel good about - for both you and your baby. 

Mama-centered birth can happen anywhere - including hospitals - and I'd love to teach you how. 


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specialty certified RN

mama x 3

100% online

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Specialty certified RN


mama x 3

100% online + Self-paced

money back guarantee

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Do you want the details
on induction too?

Then you should consider the bundle! Combine the your body, your birth course with the deep dive: induction mini course and you'll have over 10+ hours of video content on ALL things pregnancy, induction, birth, postpartum, and more.

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What Your Body, Your Birth includes?

You Will Get:

+ remedies for aches + pains

+ tons of info on planning your birth

+ education on medicated, unmedicated and cesarean birth

+ hospital info: admit to discharge

and so much more...

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+ At home prep + natural induction

+ 8.5+ hours of video content

+ full understanding of the pregnant body

+ the labor process: phYSiCally + emotionally

+ Pain tools + breathing exercises

+ postpartum expectatations: you + baby

+ newborn care details: food, baths, meds

+ Operating room + recovery details

+ labor + pushing positions and tips

+ 75+ evidence based sources + research

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Learn, Learn, Learn


Love Your Story

Lifetime access. Updates, bonus lessons, new intensives that we add in? All yours, forever. 

You can hope you know what you need to know. Or you can know you know. More education = less fear.

The more you participate in it? 
The more you're going to love it - even when things surprise you.

If you'd like to purchase a course and cost is an issue for you, please email
I'd love to help if I can.


Refund Policy

If you purchase the course and find that you are not satisfied with the course offering we offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase. To begin the process, please email me (within 14 days of your purchase) with a detailed explanation as to why you desire your money back. 

let's give back

10% of every purchase will be donated to lift another woman up

I'm not sure there is anything more lovely to me than women cheering for other women. We all deserve the chance to have safe, healthy births. We all deserve the chance to flourish in mamahood. Join me as we give other women more opportunity to chase their good + beautiful stories. 

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The Labor Mama is a work in progress...
who isn't?

Don't see what you want here? Be sure to check back over the next few months. We'll be adding new courses, bonus lessons + deep dives often. 

coming soon:
Twins Deep Dive
Induction Deep Dive (now available!)
Family-Centered Cesarean Deep Dive
VBAC Deep Dive
Newborn Feeding Deep Dive

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I love how she often talks about things in terms of both/and — it has helped me reframe so many parts of motherhood/parenting/life!!!

— nicole, mama of two

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I've never had content this great before French 75. My social media is totally exploding with engagement.

— Jennifer, co-Founder, Tonic site shop

meet your teacher

empathy of a mama,
education of a nurse

It took me one birth in nursing school to fall in love with all things pregnancy, birth, + postpartum. And once I became a labor, delivery, and postpartum/newborn nurse and mama of three of my own littles? I was so sold on this entire story - from the dreaming to the growing to the birthing to the raising of these little lives - and I couldn't believe more that the more you know, the more you're going to enjoy the highs and the lows of this incredible story you're writing.

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hi! I'm Lo.

lo mansfield, Msn, RNC-OB, C-Efm

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together, or what?

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"How can we collectively say that there is one perfect way to do anything when we, our bodies, and our births are all so unique?"


The education never stops over here. Stay in stories - that's where the really good stuff is.