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Black Friday Dozen: Discounted Favorites For Mama + Bump

Ok, I went back and forth about doing any sort of Black Friday write-up. As a mama and a consumer, this weekend stresses me out! And it’s also the weekend we celebrate the birth of my first baby (and my now gone mama), so it’s a lot all around for me and my brain. Equally […]

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I’m so excited about this. For a hundred reasons, I love the space I am building here. But the ability to share women-owned & mama-made businesses and products with all of you, and maybe drive an extra sale or two to these spaces? Yes please, with pleasure. This list is special to me for many […]

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Have you ever felt sad when you breastfeed? Anxious? Panicky? Maybe you dread it, because for whatever reason you feel awful when you’re doing it. Guess what? That feeling actually has a name – and understanding what was going on changed everything for me (and I hope it can for you too). What is D-MER? […]

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Ok friend, never heard of this or not worried about it? Good. You probably don’t need to! But if you have, you may have learned the wrong things. Foremilk and hindmilk are terms that circulate often in the breastfeeding or pumping world. They refer to the milk that empties out of a woman’s breast during […]

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Guess what? When you Google “hospital bag checklist” do you know how many results come up? About 14,000,000. Yep. 14 million. So, I’m not here to tell you that I have all of these secrets or surprises that no one else knows about. Clearly, it’s all out there somewhere. But I do think that after […]

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