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Building a Breastmilk Freezer Stash (and do we need that much)?

I’m sure you’ve seen them – those pictures of freezers absolutely full of breastmilk. It’s impressive, staring at those rows and rows of tidily labeled bags – but it can also feel super overwhelming or paralyzing. Do we all really need that much frozen milk? What if we aren’t returning to work outside of the […]

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Okay, here’s my honesty right from the start. These lactation treats alone will NOT increase your milk supply. I wish eating a bunch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies was all it takes – but it’s not. Eating the right foods, taking supplements, adding pumping sessions and nursing sessions – ALL of this is part of […]

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When I started planning a nursery for my third baby, much was the same as it had been the prior two pregnancies. I wanted this little to have their own space, something fresh and new since the prior two girls. We again did not know the sex of the baby, so gender neutral was the […]

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As most of us approach new mamahood, it isn’t uncommon that birth (and the way we hope it looks) takes precedence. There are so many dreams for us there: skin to skin, vaginal delivery, midwifery, doulas, music, water birth, cesarean birth, epidurals, interventions, the smell of a vernix covered newborn finally on the outside. The […]

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Sometimes, when we are pregnant, it feels as if all we are subjected to is rules. Rules for how to exercise, how to eat, how to care for our bodies, how to feel, what to put on our skin. For the mama choosing to breastfeed or pump, the rules continue postpartum, as our bodies are […]

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