Baby's birthday coming up? Snag your planned cesarean birth plan below! This cesarean birth plan + prioritization tool will help you know all of your options, including those for gentler cesarean, and give you a tool to clarify them and communicate them to the team. 

You're going to be amazed by how much you can be in charge of, how many ways you can make this a gorgeous experience, and how much you can individualize the things you're wanting! 

You can be ready to love your cesarean birth.

Let's birth prep

Snag your plan right here.

Snag your plan right here.

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You know what I mean? That person who doesn't care if you ask them the weird questions. The one who expects you to send them pictures of diapers + cracked nipples. That friend who knows you are the best mama for that child - and they will do anything they can to remind you of that. 




The education never stops over here. Stay in stories - that's where the really good stuff is.