Is it officially official? Babe is growing and you're now wondering what comes next? That's where this prenatal guide comes in. Let me help you understand some of the ins and outs of prenatal appointments, building a good team, testing + screens, and "what to expect" as you move through these months and start making decisions and choices about the big day.

The test was pink...
now what?

are you expecting?

Your prenatal guide is right here.

Your prenatal guide is right here.

MY vision

Accessibility for all to
evidence-based pregnancy, birth + postpartum education.


A safe space for you to learn about conception, pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum + mamahood.
Confidence begins with the freedom
to ask questions.

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education of a 


of a mama, 

mama of 3, birth & postpartum RN, 
story writer, mashed potato lover

You know what I mean? That person who doesn't care if you ask them the weird questions. The one who expects you to send them pictures of diapers + cracked nipples. That friend who knows you are the best mama for that child - and they will do anything they can to remind you of that. 




The education never stops over here. Stay in stories - that's where the really good stuff is.