Over the last 4 years, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with some products related to caring for both mama + baby, particularly in the postpartum/bringing-home-baby season. Some of these recommendations come from personal experience as a mama, others come from professional RN experience. If you see it below, we own it and we use it.

While this isn’t a full registry list, I do think that you may want to consider adding most of these to your registry and/or snagging them for your home as you prep for your little. Not the one expecting? These can also be great components of a gift basket for an expecting family member or friend – that’s my favorite way to give to an expecting mama.

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Sneaking these nursing bras in here as well – they’re not available on Amazon, but you can find so many styles (and they are all so affordable) at Target. I discovered these with my 3rd baby and now own 7 of them.

I also absolutely love these items from Larken. They are absolutely game-changing essentials for me now. The Larken X is a hands free pumping bra – but I REALLY love it for sleeping in. The Larken Signature Tank fit all through pregnancy and it’s stretchy micro-modal fabric is super nursing friendly as well.

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